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What are the Emotional Benefits of Exercise?

If you’ve recently undergone weight loss surgery, you are likely coming to terms with your new lifestyle, while creating new eating and exercise routines. Knowing that you’re on the path to weight loss and a healthy, active lifestyle, is exciting – especially once you start feeling the benefits. Exercise has a variety of physical benefits, but did you know that it offers social and emotional benefits, too?

emotional benefits of exercise

People who exercise are happier and less anxious.

Studies have shown that people who exercise 30-60 minutes a day are happier than those who not. In addition, a study completed by Arizona State University showed that regular exercise can reduce anxiety and depression because of its ability to boost serotonin levels, endorphins and other chemicals that offer a calming effect to the brain and the body.

People who exercise feel better.

When you start exercising and seeing results physically, such as increased energy and weight loss, you’ll likely feel better emotionally as well. Regular exercise will help tighten and tone areas of your body that may have given you problems in the past, and you’ll likely sleep better as well. If you stick with a regular exercise routine, your appearance will start changing. Before you know it, you’ll have either greater confidence or a newfound confidence you never had! This heightened feeling of self-esteem will keep you happier day-to-day. You might even see a difference in how you approach your work and social life.

People who exercise create strong social connections.

Once you start feeling better physically and emotionally, you’ll likely have the self-esteem and the confidence to reach out to others and forge strong, healthy relationships. This could be with your friends and family, or it could be with new friends in a sports club, a team sport or an aerobics class.

Your primary goal: staying active, having fun and keeping excess weight off. If you’re looking to burn calories and fat but not overdo it, there are a variety of low impact exercises perfect for those just starting an exercise program. It could be walking, swimming, cycling, or taking a dance class.

It really depends on which type of exercise program appeals to you. If you need help creating weight loss or fitness goals now that you’ve undergone a successful weight loss surgery, contact our team today for more information on how we can support you on your journey to a healthy, active new life.

Added on 02/02/2017

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The Story Of Obesity by Northwest Weight Loss Surgery

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