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Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication Clinical Trial

Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication (LGCP) is a new bariatric procedure and we are excited to be the first practice in Washington State to offer it to our patients. The Gastric Plication attempts to mimic the restrictive effects of the sleeve gastrectomy. During an LGCP surgery, the surgeon frees up the greater curve of the stomach (the round part) and folds the stomach inward. Two rows of folds are created using sutures to significantly reduce the volume of the stomach, restricting how much a person can eat at one sitting. The stomach is not removed, no adjustments are needed, and no devices are implanted into your body.


What is LGCP?

Laparoscopic Greater Curvature Plication (LGCP) is currently an investigational procedure that is being performed on a select basis. Similar to laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, the LGCP is a restrictive procedure limiting the volume of food your stomach can hold. However, unlike the sleeve, your stomach will not be cut, it will instead be sewn into a small tube shape. The word "plication" means to fold in. This procedure involves folding the greater curve of the stomach in upon itself two times thereby occupying the majority of the volume of the stomach with the stomach itself, in essence creating a sleeve of stomach through which food will pass.

What are some advantages of LGCP?

Based on early clinical data, some advantages of LGCP include:

♦ Potentially fewer follow up visits compared to patients with an adjustable gastric band who must return to the doctor for band adjustments.
♦ Effective weight loss results due to restriction of food consumed.
♦ Potential reduction of complications associated with an implanted device (gastric band) or a leaking staple line (gastric bypass).
♦ No removal of gastric tissue or permanent surgical alteration of the bowel.

Possible risks of LGCP?

Early clinical results show that LGCP may have a potentially lower risk profile than other bariatric procedures. The most commonly observed issue reported has been nausea and vomiting. Additional studies are needed to evaluate long-term outcomes.
During your consultation your surgeon will discuss other possible complications and risks.

Who should have LGCP?

Talk with your surgeon to determine whether LGCP is right for you. As with any weight loss procedure, LGCP is a bariatric surgery that you and your doctor can discuss in more detail. Success is up to you and the lifestyle changes you make with the help of your doctor. This includes healthy habits and regular physical activity. As with any program, a healthy weight loss goal is 1 to 2 pounds per week, according to the National Institutes of Health.

Will insurance cover LGCP?

Regrettably, insurance is not covering these procedures. LGCP can only be done on a self pay basis.
Please see the self pay options for financing under our "Medical Financing Tab".

Learn more with the following resources:

Greater Curvature Plication Factsheet
Greater Curvature Plication Step-By-Step
Greater Curvature Plication Animation

How do I become part of the clinical trial for LGCP?

To qualify for LGCP surgery you must first meet the following criteria:

  • Have a BMI of 35 to 55 (BMI Calculator)
  • Be 18 to 55 years old at the time of surgery
  • Complete a medical evaluation with one of our surgeons

Please call the office at 866-350-2263 to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons and plan to attend a free informational seminar.

Diet and Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss gives you more energy, makes you feel better about yourself and motivates you to continue the changes that have made you successful. The success of any weight loss operation must begin with realistic goals; once established, your motivation will ultimately determine the amount of weight you lose. Weight loss surgery works with you, not by itself. It creates a situation where a small amount of food makes you full and less hungry, reducing the number of calories eaten in a day. If you take advantage of this situation, you will lose weight.

Exercise adds to this by increasing the number of calories burned. When you exercise, you build muscle, which increases your metabolic rate, which burns more calories. We strongly encourage the addition of exercise to weight loss surgery, as the combination of eating fewer calories and burning more calories is very powerful for successful weight loss.

Northwest Weight Loss Surgery has developed a comprehensive after care program to better prepare you for the lifelong changes after surgery. We encourage you to attend our monthly support groups where we discuss many topics relating to the weight loss journey.

For patient success stories click here

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