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"Absolutely this is one of the most talented, caring and wonderful doctors I have ever met. His procedure changed my life and I cannot say how profoundly thankful I am to have him as a doctor!"  
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Northwest Weight Loss Surgery Success Stories

Patients and Patients Gastric Band Surgery

We are honored to have been selected by more than 3,350 patients to support them in their personal weight loss journey. Our patients to date have collectively lost over 157,000 pounds!

Coleen Before Weight Loss Having the LapBand Surgery Coleen After Weight Loss Having the LapBand Surgery



Weight Lost:



140 pounds

* Please note - Results and individual symptoms may vary.

When I neared my retirement at age 50, I thought a lot about my father who died at age 53 of a number of causes, including high weight and high stress. My job was very stressful, and I'd been struggling to shed weight my entire life, so I decided I wanted to make some serious life changes to improve my own health.

"I was a high-energy person, but I was exhausted at the end of every day."

I was almost 50 years old, 323 pounds, and dieting wasn't working for me. I have a predisposition for weight issues in my family. My entire life, I'd been heavy off and on. I would gain weight and lose it, then gain it again. After big meals, I'd break out in sweats because my heart was struggling to help my body process food. I became fearful that I may die young like my dad; I was desperate for a long-lasting solution.

"It took me a long time to make my decision, and I regret waiting as long as I did."

I was tired of living life as an overweight person. Doctors had told me to lose weight. Friends had tried interventions. I had tried diets and exercising. In considering weight loss surgery, I was terrified that the enjoyment of good food would be taken away from me. I enjoyed dining out. I never really "got it" until after I had a surgery, but with a Lap-Band®, you still get to enjoy your food. Just less of it at any one time.

A friend of mine who I had watched lose weight successfully and keep it off introduced me to the Lap-Band®. Their after-care program really impressed me and is where their advantage really shines. Losing weight is a journey; a patient experiences physiological, emotional, and lifestyle changes. You don't realize before surgery how much important the after-care is in your success. The follow up support that you receive here is huge.

"The surgery was the beginning of a lot of positive life changes."

The day of my surgery, my doctor suggested that I exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. I knew I had to do my part of the program to be successful; diet and exercise had to go hand in hand. I wanted to give myself the opportunity to look "normal" as my body shrank, so I started walking. Soon, my shin splints were gone and I increased my morning walks. I got outside. I met new people. I started to feel more confident and successful.

I used to plan my day around how much energy I thought I'd have. Today, I have more energy than I need. I walk six miles every day. I do water aerobics twice a week. I sleep better at night. I'm not hungry all the time. And I love the way I feel.

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Northwest Weight Loss Surgery Courtney Before Courtney After loosing 130 pounds with Northwest Weight Lost Surgery and Team



Weight Lost:



130 pounds

* Please note - Results and individual symptoms may vary.

My daughter was two years old, I hit my highest weight and I needed to do something. A lot of my family struggles with their weight and I didn't want to spend my life modeling unhealthy behavior for my daughter. Dieting your life away and battling with fluctuating weight is not "normal".

I want her to live an active, healthy and rewarding life. Now, that's something I can do, too.

"Once I knew the facts, the decision was easy."

Originally, I was looking at gastric bypass and learned there was a chance that I could die from that sort of surgery. There was no way I was going to do that because of my daughter. Then I heard about the Lap-Band®. I researched it for about a year but didn't really make up my mind until I went to a free seminar and met the surgeons and other people who had been banded.

The worse pain I felt from the surgery was like bad heart burn. The progress after the surgery went smoothly. 3 or 4 weeks after surgery, I had lost 12 pounds and I decided to join a gym. That helped me move forward and lose weight pretty quickly. Before that, I didn't want to go to the gym and draw attention to myself as an obese person. But they had a daycare and I really enjoyed working out.

"It was a process adjusting to what life is like living lighter".

For the first year, everything went smoothly. After about a year, I realized it was difficult getting my head around the fact that I wasn't fat anymore. 18 months after my surgery, I went through a divorce and realized that I needed to learn to deal with depression or anxiety in other ways than eating. With the Lap-Band®, you just can't turn to food. I've learned to talk about my feelings with other people and I make time for myself to let my mind wander when I run. That "me" time gives me a new way to approach difficulties and not rely on food like before.

"I learned to believe in myself."

By going through the process of losing more than 100 pounds, I became so much more confident in myself. In the past, the more weight I gained, the more I thought I didn't deserve attention. For instance, I didn't feel like I deserved to have my hair done. But I also felt like everyone was staring at me, because I wasn't "normal". Now, I feel like I blend in more. I like taking care of my health and working out. And it feels great to show my daughter that I can participate in life actively and confidently.

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Northwest Weight Loss Surgery Heidi Heidi After loosing 93 pounds with Northwest Weight Lost Surgery and Team



Weight Lost:



93 pounds

* Please note - Results and individual symptoms may vary.

I didn't grow up heavy. I wasn't heavy until my senior year in high school. After graduation, my husband and I got married and we had four kids. I just kept going and going and didn't really try too hard to keep weight off. Obesity runs in my family and at age 37, I realized I needed to find a solution.

"I was diagnosed with high-blood pressure and didn't want to go on medications."

The same week my cardiologist diagnosed me, I saw a photo of myself and couldn't believe how I looked. It was my "A-ha" moment and I called for help.

I had been researching online and had actually contemplated gastric bypass, but a friend of mine died due to complications a couple weeks after his surgery. The risks were too high. Weight-loss surgery was scary to me and my husband until we attended a seminar and learned about the device and how it works. Meeting people and hearing from patients made all the difference in the world.

"There are so many people here who are banded and who truly understand."

As a patient, I appreciated the support offered from the staff. I didn't have to wait for a doctor or nurse to call me back. Any question I had about what to eat or whether I needed an adjustment, the staff could answer because they'd been through it. So many people appreciate what they get from us that they want to work here. One day, I decided to do the same.

Many people are private about their choice. No matter who you speak with, it's discreet--something I really treasured when making my decision to get banded. Because of the after-care, I could come in as much as I wanted for adjustments, I attended support groups. Today, I talk at seminars (as does my husband) so we can help spread the word about how life-changing this surgery really is.

"Getting banded changed my life so much for the better."

I used to have high-blood pressure; not anymore. I learned how to be pro-active, the weight came off, and I felt good about myself.

I had a day care in my home for 15 years. During that time, my weight reached its highest point. I quit rollerblading and biking with my kids. For 10 years, I didn't go to my husband's company party. But I broke out of my shell. I'm much more outgoing than I used to be; and that's such a good feeling.

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Jeb Before Northwest Weight Lost Surgery and Team Jeb After loosing 120 pounds with Northwest Weight Lost Surgery and Team



Weight Lost:



120 pounds

* Please note - Results and individual symptoms may vary.

As I turned 50, I was becoming less and less happy with my own personal health. I was a diabetic and I was taking three different kinds of medicine. I had high-blood pressure. I had chronic pain in my knees and my ankles. And as I was getting older, I was quickly realizing that though I was looking forward to retirement, I might not be able to enjoy it as much as I anticipated because of my health conditions.

"Lap-Band® was a standard in Australia and Europe, but new in the U.S."

I watched Al Roker on the Today Show and saw how he had experienced dramatic weight loss from gastric bypass surgery. I started to wonder if that was for me, but discovered that bypass is a pretty drastic operation. There's no going back. I heard there could be lots of complications. I was literally worried to the point that I said no. On the internet, I discovered the Lap-Band®. I liked its adjustability and the fact that it could be literally removed if anything went drastically wrong. It seemed to me like a sound medical solution, while at the same time being the ultimate get-out-of-jail-free card.

"The last time I was at my current weight, I was 12 years old."

I'm 6-foot-six and I was 355 pounds when I had my surgery. Within seven months, I lost 120 pounds and I've been able to keep it off. For 38 years, I weighed more than I do now, so it's taken me a long time to remember that I was ever this light.

There may be a lot of surgeons today who perform Lap-Band® surgery, but the key to success for me was the before and after-surgery services offered here. Their support groups. The availability of the staff. Their counselors. It all shows they honestly care. The surgery is the beginning of a life-time experience and they're there to help.

It's been a greater learning experience than I ever anticipated. Even three years after having the Lap-Band put in, I'm learning more and more about myself. It's like peeling back an onion. It's incredibly helpful and empowering to be able to share this with other people who are going through it themselves.

"I'm no longer tied to a bottle of pills three times a day."

The day before my surgery was the last day I took any of my diabetic medicine. I no longer take high-blood pressure medicines. My diabetes is in remission. And, after I lost the weight, I realized what it's like to live pain-free. I hadn't realized just how bad the discomfort and pain had really been.

My overall health has improved beyond the specific chronic conditions I had. Today, I get fewer colds. Now, I know what it's like to have fun exercising. The only thing I regret is not doing it sooner. I've never enjoyed my life.

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Rebecca Before Northwest Weight Lost Surgery and Team Rebecca After loosing 110 pounds with Northwest Weight Lost Surgery and Team



Weight Lost:



110 pounds

* Please note - Results and individual symptoms may vary.

Before I became banded and lost my weight, my feet hurt, I had sleep apnea, and I had asthma. I wasn't comfortable being seen in public. And although I'm an outgoing person, I found myself staying at home behind closed doors, not venturing out, and really missing out on realizing my potential. Once I discovered the Lap Band®, all that changed.

"There is a formula. They have a plan that works; I'm living proof."

I'm drawn to success. And when I learned first-hand from the patients and surgeons how successful their program is, the decision to have Lap-Band® surgery was easy.

Before I got banded, I set an expectation for myself. I wanted to lose the weight. I decided that the first year after getting the Lap-Band® surgery was going to be all about me. So I regularly attended and participated in the support groups offered. I listened to what the experienced nurses advised. I got adjustments when I needed. And basically, I did what they recommended and it worked!

"This experience changed my life. Now I'm passionate about helping others."

I used to work as an accountant. Then a realtor. But I was never passionate about my work. The Lap Band® is something I'm passionate about. It changed my life. Now, I work here to help spread the word about the wonderful benefits of this surgery. I've answered the phones here, talked with patients, spoken at seminars, and now I work in the marketing department to help get the word out.

I know first hand how the Lap-Band® surgery and the caring support of your provider's staff can improve a person's life. Now, I want to help other people in similar situations discover how they can improve their health, their self-esteem, and their lifestyle.

"I no longer live in the shadows. Now, I'm out there getting kicked off the stage."

I now know what it's like to shop on the main floor in the mall and not in the basement women's department. I know what it's like to sit in a chair and not feel wedged in. To travel and actually fit into an airplane seat. I took a bicycling tour of Ireland this last year, and I was so much more successful than I would have been when I was overweight.

When I weighed the most, I barely left my house. I had almost become a shut-in. These days, I'm learning new things; I'm getting out more; I'm even learning to two-step!

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